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What is Brazilian Waxing

Posted on July 30, 2012 at 8:06 PM Comments comments (311)
What is Brazilian Waxing?
A Brazilian wax is a quick way to have unwanted coarse pubic hair removed safely and efficiently. A Brazilian wax is an intrepid form of hair removal that gets easier to withstand and less painful over time.
This form of hair removal  is semi permanent.  A Brazilian wax is different from a standard bikini, French or American wax because all of the hair from the genital area, the perineum as well as the anus is typically removed.
During Wax
A versatile wax such as a sugar-based wax is the most popular wax used in Brazilian waxes. Hair is removed from the bikini line and the even the belly button area, but the Brazilian removes all hair. Tweezers are sometimes use to catch all stray hairs not removed during the wax so a completely bald and hairless look is achieved.
After Care
Follow-up care consist of a botanical first aid solution, as well as no abrasive touch for up to 24 hours after the wax. No hot baths or tight-fitting clothing should be worn.
  • One can safely wear their lingerie or bikini without worrying about exposing stray pubic hairs.
  • Once perfomed frequently, hair tends not to grow back as frequently or grow in quite as dark.
  • The genital area is kept cleaner without getting bacteria and urine trapped in the pubic hair.